Sometime a question arises in everybody’s mind that why we should worry about the conservation about our so called old, out-dated buildings, their remains, cultural heritage and other similar things. Several people do not like even to have links with the past. They do not like to worry about future generation of the country. They give argues that past is dead and future is uncertain. This however is not right.

Heritage is very important. It is the reflection of the identity of the people of a nation. One identifies herself or himself with hers or his heritage, which gives a sense of pride. Our cultural heritage is a mirror of our national unity. Seeing a dance show we can say that this is Indian dance, we can see a play and can say immediately the life style of the Indian society is being staged.

Some of our traditions like-saying Good-morning with folded hands, touching of feet by youngers of the elders, elders putting their hands on the heads of youngers and blessing them May God give you long and healthy life and so on represent our ethos and personality. The traditional skills- arts of decorations, fairs and festivals etc. and different varieties of dances, music, paintings, architectural styles, literature of different languages and dailects enrich our cultural landscape and heritage.

We know that India has a large number of magnificent sites and monuments like Ajanta Caves, Ellora Caves, Elephenta Caves, the Taj Mahal, Qutub Minar, Buland Darwaja, Victoria Memorial, Rashtrapati Bhawan, the Parliament House, India Gate and many more. We have also grand Dilwara Jain Temples, the great Sanchi Stupa and several magnificent temples in Orissa and in several parts of South India, the Khajuzaho group of temples, Jama Masjid, Red fort and Churches and Convents.


The precious prices of sculpture art and architecture, paintings, jewellery and costumes, old weapons, and tools used in wars and battles are preserved in various museums of the country. All these things reflect the glory of our varied and vast culture and civilisation. It has attracted the tourists and visitors from different parts of the country as well as from other countries. It has won the admiration of the lovers of art all over the world.

No doubt, we are on the way to assimilating the culture of the West, our Hindu civilisation will retain its continuity. The Bhagwad Gita will always inspire men of action and the Upnishads, men of thought. The charm and graciousness of the Indian way of life will continue, however much affected it may be by the labour-saving devices of the west. The tales of the heroes of the Mahabharata and the Ramayana are great assets of Indian Culture. They still fascinate people of all ages.

Thus our heritage is unique in several respects. Let’s try to maintain and preserve it at all costs.