473 Words Essay on the advantages of tourism


The knowledge we get from books is mere theoretical knowledge. It is not sufficient to be successful in life. To get complete success we require practical knowledge too. And it is travelling which takes us from the field of bookish knowledge to the field of practical knowledge.

It is not only concerned with pleasure, holidays, travel and going or arriving somewhere but it makes us able to know about the habits, manners, and ways of living of other people. We get apportunity to learn about other by coming in contact with.

Travelling takes us from the world of imagination to the world of reality. It gives us a chance to adjust in the changed circumstances books even if they very good, cannot give us this chance. We come across many difficulties but we successfully overcome them. We never mind minor problems.


A man who has never gone out or who avoids to go an excursion develops a narrow outlook. Its nature becomes complicated and he feels that his own life-style is the best. He fails to understand the effect of environment on the life of man. By travelling he can broaden his outlook. When he comes in contact with different people of different cultures, he knows about them and tries to understand them. For a well-travelled man the world is not vast but small. He feels that he is very close to others and the whole world is like a large family.

Thus from the point of view of national integration travelling is essential. It establishes mutual understanding among people of different parts and therefore causes of friction are softened.

It is not necessary that everything should be of our choice. Sometimes we get thing of our choice but most of time we don’t. Some times we donot find a suitable place for our lodging. At other times we get food which is not to our taste. On occasions, lauguage comes in between and creates problems in establishing contacts. When we face such difficulties, we begin to develop our resourcefulness, initative and tact. And then we see that there is solution of every problem. We become more confident and feel spirited.

We say, seeing believes. In books, we only read about various subjects such as Science, History, Geography, etc. We read that there is the TajMahal in Agra and there is the Niagara Falls in the U.S.A. More reading does not affect us to such intensity. But when we see them with our eyes they make an everlasting impression on our mind.


It is therefore in May 1992 an ambitious National Action Plan was drawn by the government of India for the growth and development of the Indian Tourism. As a result, the Tourism mdustry has become the third biggest export industry and °Ur country earns large sums of foreign exchange through it.

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