Man is a social animal. He can not live alone. Society provides all comforts and amenities of life. Hence every individual has an obligation towards the society. Students, in particular can do a lot in this regard.

India is a developing country. Students can prove themselves very helpful in the noble work of its development. Illiteracy is a curse for any nation. And it is unfortunate that most of our villages are illiterate. They even do not know whatever is happening around them. The youth can help the rural people in many ways, by spreading education among them, by developing adult education and by removing ignorance from their life.

They can inspire them to keep small family by highlighting its benefits. They can persuade them to follow Family Planning, the mystery of all comforts. They can teach them to live in co-operation and work for their betterment.

Students are the backbone of any society and the nation. In times of emergencies like war, famine, floods, droughts etc. a country has to meet various demands to face the situation. In such emergencies, students can be of great help. The youth of the society has unlimited vigour and vitality. Their potentialities must not be spoiled in negative direction. Instead they must be utilised in some noble cause.


The society and the nation have immense faith in its youth power. Hence, it| is the duty of the youth to tackle every problem efficiently. They can bring smile on million’s faces.

Students can do something for the defence of their country. They can get training in first aid, fire-fighting, air-raid precautions, use of rifles and nursing etc. They can help in maintaining internal peace and harmony, the only hope of humanity.

Our society has been suffering from a great evil called dowry. Here also the youth can prove themselves very helpful. They should take oath to be got married without dowry. In addition to this we are facing many other problems like child marriage, gambling, drinking, smoking, corruption, superstition and so on. At every sphere, only youth can do something positive by dint of their charismatic personalities, wonderful stamina and exceptional sacrifice. They can remove all these evils in a less time.

But it is unfortunate that the youth power today has got diverted. Eveiy now and then we come through such incidents in which the youth power is involved in this or that. It is really a blot on the society. Hence, it is important to guide these misguided young people by inspiring them to do something great to achieve something different.


Their conscience must be awakened so that they may be good human beings to discharge their duties in the best possible way. They have potential in them. They must recognise it, weigh it and utilize it in right way.