445 Words Essay for kids on Independence Day


Independence Day has its own importance in the life of every free nation. It reminds every nation of the hard struggle which the leaders have done to win freedom from foreign rule.

It reminds them how their leaders fought and sacrificed their all to gain freedom. It reminds all the people of their duties and responsibilities as the citizens of a free country. In this way any country which is interested in preserving its independence must celebrate its Independence Day every year.

In India Independence Day is celebrated every year on August 15th, because we got our independence on that day in 1947. So this day has become sacred to us. It has become an important day in the history of our nation.


This day is a day of pride for India because it marks a turning point in our history. It was on this day that India threw off the yoke of slavery and made the British to quit this land of ours.

Independence Day in marked by simplicity. There is not much pomp and show. There are flag-hoisting ceremonies everywhere in schools, colleges, streets and social centers. Important public men are invited to address meetings and tell people the importance of this day.

In Delhi the Independence Day in celebrated at Red Fort. Preparations are made weeks in advance. Enclosures are made for seating the people on the ‘maidan’ outside the Fort.

Microphones are fitted on the poles at every twenty yards so that everybody can hear the national message. The speech of the Prime Ministers from the ramparts of the Fort is an annual affair. It echoes the sentiments of the whole nation.


All diplomats and ambassadors and V.I.P’s attend the function at the Fort. The Prime Minister arrives at the fixed time. Before coming to the Fort, he visits the Samadhi of Gandhiji and places a garland there. Our armed forces headed by the police bands stage a march- past. A 21 -gunfire salute is given in honour of the National Flag. The Prime Minister walks briskly up the staircase of the Fort. As the stairs are risky, he has to be careful. Then the Jana Gana Mana, our National Song, is played. There is a flag-hoisting ceremony. Then the Prime Minister delivers his great speech of the day.

Thereafter the meeting comes to a close and every-body goes home. There are plenty of traffic jams on account of great rush on the roads of Delhi on that day.

Those who go to the Red Fort enjoy the ceremony. But fewer people take this trouble these days. Most of the people prefer to hear and view the speech on the Television.

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