437 Words Essay on Student and Social Service


In a free India, great things are expected of students. The students are the citizens of tomorrow. On their broad shoulders rests the responsibility of liquidating illiteracy and ignorance and uplifting society.

A free India expects them to do their duty and to donate willingly and smilingly; blood, toil, hard work and labour. The aim before students should not be strikes and hooliganism but selfless social service. Students are not mercenaries but missionaries.

They are torch-bearers. They are to burn other lamps with their light. They are to go out to serve their country and fellowmen. They are to inject their leonine blood into the dry bones of the nation. They are to spread light and laughter wherever they go.


Students get long vacation. It is criminal to let them go waste. Students from rural areas can help the villagers in agriculture. They can turn fallow lands into smiling fields, with their own hands. Students can demonstrate to the villagers the scientific methods of agriculture.

They can teach them how to collect village refuse into the manure pits and how to prepare compost manure which doubles the yield of crops per acre. They can impress upon the villagers that to burn dung is to burn gold. It is for the students to transform life in the villages.

The army of students can do immense social service in the Community Projects and National Extension Service. They can bring about a revolution in the villages and completely change the face of India.

Illiteracy is rampant in India. It prevails in every nook and corner. Students owe a debt to society. It is their duty to impart education to their illiterate brethren. They must give in the same measure as they have received and are still receiving. The villagers cannot exercise their right of vote intelligently and correctly if they cannot read a book 0r a newspaper. The students can do a lot in this respect and they must not shirk their responsibility.


True social service lies in learning the dignity of labour, learning to do things with our own hands. Students must serve the masses as a matter of national duty and as a labour of love. It would be in the interest of the country if social service is made compulsory for the award of a University degree.

To sum up, everyone must work hard to raise India. More work falls to the share of the students as they are more energetic than others. Students must have a burning desire to serve India. They m not expect any reward in return. A good action is its own reward.

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