There is no man without an ambition in life. Some aspire to be rich, many hanker after name and fame and still others crave for power, position and social status in life. Honour and position do not last long. Fortune turns like a wheel. I have a strong desire to become a doctor and serve humanity.

I do not want to become a teacher like my elder brother. A teacher’s lot is very hard. He is overworked but underpaid. He commands no respect in society. The so-called nation-builder cannot make both ends meet. He cannot educate his children. He cannot build a house. He is born poor, lives poor and dies poor.

I have no desire to be a clerk like my cousin. A clerk has to be at his desk from morning till evening. His work is dull and monotonous. He is poorly paid. He cannot keep the wolf from the door. I do not want to be a lawyer, either. The law is no longer a paying profession. Only a few are well off; others are starving. There is terrible competition.

I must be a doctor. I have taken up Physiology and Hygiene in my Matriculation. In my Intermediate, I shall take up F.Sc. (Medical) and after my F.Sc, I shall join the Medical College, Amritsar. After my M.B.B.S. I shall be a full fledged doctor.


I shall start practice in a village, for in villages there are no doctors. The people there die for want of medical aid. My aim shall be not to make money but to serve the ailing. I shall always be at their service. Fee shall be no consideration with me.

I shall attend on the poor and the needy free. My fee, if any, shall be moderate. I shall charge only those who can easily afford to pay. Far be it from me to be mercenary, “If you warn to serve me, serve the sick”, said Jesus Christ. I shall strictly act on Christ’s advice. The best way to serve God is to serve His creatures. I shall serve God’s creatures.

I shall look after them. I shall nurse them as my own. I shall go to my patients as a ministering angel. I shall heal their wounds. I shall cure their lacerated hearts. This will give me peace and solace. This will be my greatest reward.