Games play a key-role in people’s life, particularly when they are enjoying their young stage. There is a proverb, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” It clearly signifies the importance of games.

Games are not only a source of entertainment; they are very useful for our healthy life too. They refresh us and impart a sound body with a sound mind- the basic essentials for all round development of a personality.

There are a number of games played in our country like Cricket, Tennis, Football, Chess, Hockey, Kabadddi, etc. Among these games I like Kabadddi the most because it is an Indian game and is not so costly.

Kabadddi is one of Indian’s indigenous games and is played by especially village youth and therefore in rural areas it is very popular. This game does not require large playground. There is a rectangular court which is divided by a marked line in the middle.


There are two teams, each of eight or ten players. Each team will send one player to the opposite side. This player has to take one full breath and keep on uttering ‘Kabadddi’, ‘Kabadddi’ as long as he stays in the opposite court. During this period he tries to touch a player of the opposite side.

In doing this, if he is captured, he is declared, “dead”. But if he successfully touches any one or more players of the opposite side without letting out his breath and runs back to his own court, then that player or those players on the other side are supposed to be “dead”.

The ‘dead’ player or players sit apart and do not participate in the game. In this way the game continues until one of the sides drives out all the players of the opposite side, to become the winner.

Kabadddi is a very cheap game which can be played even in the courtyard of a house. Unlike cricket, in Kabadddi all the participants keep on playing with the same zeal all the time until it comes to an end. Hence, it is healthier. The player’s constantly to run and jump in order to win the game.


Kabadddi is recently being introduced in international games. It is very good because now it is becoming popular in towns and cities too.

The school children should play this game whenever they get leisure.