322 Words Short Essay on My School


I study in the A. S. Higher Secondary School, Jullundur. It is the biggest school in the province and enjoys provincial fame. It has a big hostel attached to it. It is a very old school which has, year after year, produced brilliant students, who adorn the various departments, not only in the provincial services but also in the all-India services. It attracts students from every nook and corner of the province.

There are more than sixty teachers in the school. The number of students in the main school exceeds 3,000. There are about 500 students in each class. All the teachers are efficient and pains-taking. They take paternal interest in their students.

Some of them have grown grey in the service of the school. Sh. Pyare Lal is the veteran Headmaster of the school. He is a great administrator and educationist. He has been serving the school most faithfully for about twenty years. He is wedded to the school. He has identified himself with it.


Besides secular education, religious instruction is also imparted at each stage. Lectures on character-building are frequently arranged. There is a satisfactory arrangement for games and sports, too. Boys are trained in the art of acting and public speaking by means of dramas, declamations and debates. No efforts are spared to make them honest and good citizens.

The boys are frequently taken on tours to dams and new factories that are springing up in various parts of the country. They are taken to old historical relics and big cities of the country. These tours broaden the mental outlook of the students.

They realize how vast their country is. They shed provincialism and narrow-mindedness. The school has got the biggest library and science laboratory. The school has never accepted any grant-in-aid from the Government. It is a unique monument of what private bodies can do in the field of education. I love my school with all its faults.

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