302 Words Short Essay on My Hobbies


Hobbies are interesting pursuits which people engage in to add interest to their daily life. They are not one’s main business. A teacher may have photography as his hobby and a photographer may have teaching as his hobby.

A hobby affords a welcome change from the dull routine of life. It refreshes the mind. It keeps us usefully busy. It saves us from evil company. It is a source of recreation and amusement. A man without a hobby is a round peg in a square hole.

A hobby is a necessity for the proper enjoyment of life. Different people cultivate different hobbies. Painting, photography, swimming, singing, gardening, stamp collecting, picture collecting, hunting, fishing, carpentry and nature study, are some common hobbies. Gardening, stamp collecting and nature study are my hobbies.


There is a small plot of land in a corner of our bungalow. I have turned it into a garden. I go to my garden every morning and evening. It has several flower beds which are of different shapes and designs. Some are circular in shape, some are triangular and others are square or rectangular. I have grown roses, lilies, jasmines touch-me-nots, narcissuses and daisies.

The flowers of different hues present a charming sight. They add to the beauty of the house. The air around the house is full of fragrance. I grow my own vegetables. I daily get from my garden fresh vegetables which are full of vitamins.

I have also grown a few mango, peach, guava, orange and banana trees. It is a pleasure to see my trees laden with ripe, juicy mangoes, peaches and oranges. I tend the delicate plants. I nurse the flowers and trim the twigs beautifully. I hoe and weed the flower and vegetable beds. All these give me pleasure and a good deal of exercise.

I enjoy the company of blooming flowers. After the dull and dreary routine of the day, I find peace and solace in their company.


Another hobby of mine is stamp collecting. My elder brother who is a clerk in the postal department gives me a lot of stamps of all countries. I have arranged them countrywise in my album. Some of these stamps are very beautiful and artistic in design. With their help, I have learnt a lot of the history and geography of other countries.

I also take a keen interest in the study of nature. On off days, I go out to study nature. The waving of crops, the sweet notes of birds and the frisking of deer have a peculiar charm. The open fresh air, the smiling flowers and the scenes of sunrise and sunset fill me with unbounded joy. In spring nature is as beautiful as a newly wedded bride. I run after the peacocks who are mad with joy. I dance with the wind. I am intoxicated with joy. I sing of the glories of God.

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