232 Words Essay for Kids on if I were a Soldier


If I were a soldier, my first and foremost duty towards my motherland would be to save her integrity and sovereign­ty, and protect her from all outside enemy forces, even at the cost of my life.

As a soldier, I must be honest and sincere, bold and brave in character, and disciplined in life. I must obey the orders of my superior officers unhesitatingly and promptly.

If at any time, my country is attacked by an outside force, my first duty would be to march forward to the border line and fight fearlessly unless and until our enemies are destroyed, and we finally win the battle. My mother and my motherland are more sacred to me than even the heavens. I adore both of them equally from the core of my heart.


As an ideal soldier, my duty will also be towards my countrymen. At the time of flood, famine or earthquake, or any other natural calamity, it would be my honest duty to rush to the victims who are none but my brothers and sisters. I would cooperate with my colleagues, and obey my superior officers in the army at the time of any crisis that might appear suddenly in the country.

I feel that a person can serve his country in a much better way as a soldier than being in any other position.

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