i. Put vegetables into boiling water.

ii. Use just sufficient water for cook­ing.

iii. Use any excess water, vegetable stock for cooking some other food.

iv. Avoid cooking in open vessels because vitamins get destroyed by oxidation.


v. Peel vegetables thinly. Peel potatoes and beetroot after boiling.

vi Wash vegetables before cutting to avoid loss of minerals and vitamins.

vii. Cut vegetables into large pieces.

viii Use the leaves of vegetables like radish, knolkhol and onions as they are rich in Vitamin A, Calcium and Iron.


ix. Wash rice only a few times or nutrients will be washed away.

x. Use un sifted wheat-flour-the bran contains minerals, vita­min B and iron.

xi. Watch the clock! Avoid over­cooking of food. Serve hot food, as far as possible, immediately after cooking. The use of a pres­sure cooker saves time, fuel and money.

xii. Avoid the use of baking soda-it may help vegetables to look green, but destroys vitamins.


xiii. The addition of tamarind in some dishes helps to retain vitamins.