A friend of mine is holding a responsible post in Delta airlines. He had come home on leave. One day, he asked me if I would accompany him to Mumbai by air. I jumped at the offer. We drove to the Palam aerodrome in a taxi.

The buzzing of the aeroplanes filled me with a thrill. I was anxious to fly high up in the air. We bought tickets. The plane was to leave in half an hour. At the aerodrome, I saw a number of aeroplanes.

Some were droning overhead; some were taking off while others were landing. At the fixed time the signal was given. We hastily got into the cockpit. After a few minutes, the pilot took his seat. The passengers were asked to fasten belts. They were also given a cotton-piece each to plug their ears to escape the whirl of the plane. The pilot started the machine.

Before taking off, it made a noise. The noise was earsplitting. The propellers began to whirl. There was a sudden roar. At first it ran on the ground like a motor-car for a short distance.


It continued bumping along but soon it gathered speed and began to soar high. It was off in the sky. Soon it was flying at a speed of about 200 miles an hour. At first I felt a bit nervous but my friend calmed all my fears. I felt thrilled. The clouds were overhead.

The landscape seemed to have completely changed. The lofty buildings of the Capital looked like a cluster of mere huts. The sky- kissing Kutab Minar looked like the chimney of a factory. Men and women walking below looked like pigmies.

The waving crops looked like green patches. The railway lines looked like black thin threads. The trains seemed to be moving at a snail’s speed. The rivers as we flew past them looked like serpents. The roads below looked like straight lines on the ground.

Big trees appeared to be small bushes. A big steamer sailing in a river on the way looked like a small boat. Everything below seemed to be running back while distant objects appeared to be rushing at us at a tremendous speed. It was like a world going back into disorder. We flew over fields, forests, rivers and cities and at last. We flew right over the sea.


The trip was now over. The plane flew lower and lower till it touched the ground. It was still running slowly, till it came to a standstill. I thanked God and we came out of it safe. My friend took me to the Taj Mahal Hotel where we stayed for a week. I found myself in quite a new world.