India is a store-house of various kinds of natural resources. Mineral and power resources are the most important of them. The discovery and utilisation of these resources are increasing with the growth of civilization. It is an essential responsibility of all the consumers to utilize and conserve these resources. If it is wasted carelessly, the want of these resources may pose a severe problem. So both private and public sectors have been up and doing for conservation and proper utilisation of these resources.

The mineral resources being exhaustible and limited in supply, their conservation is essentially necessary. Minerals should be mined according to the need and ultramodern methods should be adopted for their utilisation.

In some cases, plastics and such other artificial materials should be substituted for minerals and be made popular in order to conserve minerals.

Use of minerals can be contracted by recycling the useless and scrap metallic machineries and other materials.


Similarly the use of petroleum products can be minimized by using non-conventional energies so that we can save foreign exchange. The consumers of mineral and power resources should be made conscious, their wastage should be checked and then only can we conserve it. Efforts of the Government and people’s co-operation are essential to make it possible.