Generation Gap is a term which is given to the gap between two generations-one the past and the other the forthcoming. Everything is affected with the change of time-the age, the culture, mannerism, morality, and thinking. It is a fact that this difference affects everyone extensively. This difference brings out a wide change in the making of the society and its culture.

There has always been a clash between the two generations. It is because time is fleeting and with it everything gets a change. This change changes our minds though this change is always in a natural way but the people belonging to the past generations always take it in a negative way. This is the cause of the clash and this state of clash and difference of opinion is termed to be the generation gap.

Human life has come to this stage after passing through various stages of evolution. Right from the early days of primitive era man has progressed a lot. From the naked scattered and savage human being has come to this stage of scientific era. Now everything is being controlled by science and technology. We are not guided by fiction but by facts. There was a time when sun and moon were gods. Now they are only objects like earth where we live. There was time when old people were regarded and consulted time to time, now they are the neglected lot of the society. There was a moral value prevalent in society, now society sans morality.

The present generation is running very fast after money, matter, lust, modernity and excessive exposure in every field cf life. The beliefs and considerations have been completely changed, TV. Movie, bollywood, and Hollywood are the trend setters of our society.


This all has made our life very critical because the people of the previous generation feel suffocated. Today’s exposure, for them is only a step prior to nakedness. The mad mania of the present generation to run after money-matter, Hollywood and bollywood is in no way acceptable for the past generation.

But it is really a matter of great concern to think deeply over this deep ditch of thoughts between the two generations. Who is responsible for this critical stage of life? It is certainly the growing influence of western culture. Hence it is the difference between the two cultures-Eastern and Western- that creates a difference between parents and their children.

Indian culture teaches us to our elders with love and respect. This comes out of our value systems and close family ties. But nowadays parents have no time to devote with their children and hence there is no family tie. This leads the young generation to diversions. Sometimes our children go astray because they don’t get enough parental love and care.

They are attracted to the fascinating shows on TV. or in films. They learn a lot of things from TV. Everything that they learn is not healthy for them. This creates most of the problems. Our children are becoming immoral for which the past generation is also equally responsible. Parents should compromise with the situation and they must tackle the young minds delicately and wisely. No doubt the world is changing fast and change in our life style is automatic which can’t be completely avoided. There is a need of proper guidance for the young generation which alone can prevent them from going on the wrong path.