Sample essay on Scientists have done Great Harm to Humanity


Gone are the days when man was a self satisfied creature. He would worship the five natural forces and thank God for His benevolence. Thanks are due to the early scientists who realized the importance and potentiality of the forces of nature. Man used them not for their benefit alone but for the whole of humanity.

Man was helpful to all his associates and had sympathy or pity for those who had to suffer. The researches did not touch a fringe of the society but the whole humanity. Land, fire, air, water and sky were the elements that helped man to cook, to grind floor, to have business with people living beyond the seas, to procure food and to have rains from clouds in the sky.

As times changed progress on scientific lines showered a large number of boons on man in the field of production. There was abundance of everything for the limited population. This very abundance that was a boon gave the concept of materialism.


In the days that followed Science became synonymous to materialism. Scientist did not limit his researches to medicines or X-rays or drugs or commodities of comfort and luxury, new means of transport and communication. He became ambitious. But he had to have financial assistance from politicians or monarchs. Their ambitions became primary—those of the scientist secondary.

A large number of scientists became sycophants too. They looked after the interest of their patrons who had the ambition of ruling the world.

Aristotle would help Alexander to acquire latest ammunitions to have victories in wars and rule the world. With all the luxuries around him the scientist started inventing deadliest weapons, their careers, the war ships the fighting aeroplanes and helicopters and submarines that would attack enemy ships from the sea depth. The human touch became a thing of the bygone days.

As if this was not sufficient the scientist entered the field of atomic devices. It seemed the world was panting for life. Atomic plants started vomiting radioactive dust devastating all that it came in contact with. Chernobyl was not a solitary example. Hundreds of plants throughout the length and breadth of the world exude the vicious element. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were just an apparent show of the hienous deed of the scientist. But the nuclear plants attack the environment—and the common man who suffers from a number of diseases just does not know the cause.


From a benevolent angel the scientist turned into a devil. A time may come when the coming generation would rise from oblivion after a millennium to see skelton cities without inhabitants in the palatial multistoreyed buildings. The developed form of laser rays would annihilate life from this planet—not simply human beings but the flora and fauna too.

In between all this the scientist has thrown spirituality and morality to dogs. He would not ask the people to practise celibacy to control the massive rise in population. He offers a large number of devices. These accelerate the indulgence in sex—the safe sex—no risk of children. This ultra modern westernized concept has led human beings to reap the beguiling harvest of sex prompted diseases.

Scientist becomes an objective spectator to homosexual and heterosexual activities spreading throughout the world. He supplies the small screen and the yellow media to enjoy the nude and then to practise it in life. This objectivity and shortsightedness of the scientist brought the fury of nature in the form of AIDS that may gradually devour humanity. Still the scientist—the research scientist and the media advises human being to have safe sex. He would rather let humanity disappear than advice restraint.

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