Why the Nature and character of bureaucracy assume special significance in India?


For a developing country like India where speedy socio-economic development has to be steadily] pushed through, the nature and character of bureaucracy assume special significance.

The involve me of civil servants in numerous decisions be it the location of a steel plant or a school building in a village makes them partners in development along with the politicians.

Their value preferences get inextricable mixed up with technical advice. In the context of large-scale welfare programmes therefore, neutrality is not possible. In fact a certain commitment to the goals and objectives of the state on the part of bureaucracy is inescapable. Neutrality cannot be allowed to degenerate into disinterestedness.


The successful carrying out of developmental tasks requires on the part of administrators not only qualities of initiative and leadership but also a sense of emotional integration with the policies and programmes and identification with the interests of the common man. The idea of bureaucracy as a neutral instrument in the conduct of public affairs thus stands refuted.

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