What are the political cause of the Revolt of 1857?


The annexationist policy of Lord Dalhousie created an atmosphere or rebellion in the native states of India. After the battle of Plessey the English had been continuously annexing the native states one after another.

Particularly the annexations of Lord Dalhousie made many of the native ruling houses sullen and discontented.

Jhansi, Jaitpur, Sambalpur, Satara etc. were annexed by Dalhousie by the application of the principle of Doctrine of Lapse.


But the annexation of Oudh on the ground of maladministration particularly agitated the sepoys of the East India Company, as many of them came from “Oudh.

Further, with the end of the rule of the native princes, many people serving under them were thrown out of employment.

Moreover, the native rulers and the princes who were insulted and thrown into distress by the British were waiting for an opportunity of revenge.

Many of these native rulers and princes rallied against the British when the Revolt broke out in 1857.

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