Mr. Gani Khan Choudhary initiated the new economic programme. He was the minister of Programme implementation. In this programme, stress was laid on uprooting poverty, as a significant number of our countrymen lives, below poverty line. Its other aims were raising productivity, reducing inequalities in income, removal of economic and social disparities and above all, general improvement of qualities of life.

Other programmes in the agenda were project to help women, youth and rural masses. To curb population explosion, it was emphasized that two-child norm be adhered to. Various rural development programmes have been stated with a view to improve productivity and production. Ways and means will be found for expanding rural employment. There has been a provision for the betterment of rain-fed agriculture. For a moisture will be conserved and management of land water resources will be fully ensured. Steps will be taken to develop and distribute improved seeds and reduce the chances of drought, famine and food.

Villages will be made ideal villages. Their quality of life will certainly be improved. More and more land reforms will be taken up. Ample of clean drinking water, both germ-free and dirt-free environment will be provided. Health for all, including women and children, will be given special attention. Expansion of education will be taken up. Woman’s status will be raised. Better living and working conditions will be provided. Housing will be given top priority. Existing slum will be improved.

Forestry will get greater importance. A forestation will begin on large scale. Waste langs and barren lands will be reclaimed fully and put to productive use. Public will be educated in protecting the environment. In order to bring essential commodities within the easy reach of a common man, necessary steps will be taken. Public distribution system will be an ideal system. Price-rise will be curbed with an iron-rod.


Supply of cheap power to the farmers will be doubled. Each home located in the far flung rural areas will be given electricity. No house will be allowed to remain in darkness. That is, distribution of electricity will be streamlined. For the smooth and successful implementation of the 20-point economic programmes, administrations will be made more responsive. Prompt disposal of public grievances will be assured. No read-tapism will be tolerated at any cost.