Essay on Social Adjustment of Students


The study of child’s social adjustment by parents and teachers is essential for two reasons: First, patterns of behaviour and attitudes formed early are rather persistent.

Second, the kind of social adjustment children have contributes to the evolution of their self-concept. The degree with which a student adjusts to other people and the group with which he identifies, given an idea of skills such as the ability to effectively deal both friends and strangers, etc.

Socially well-adjusted students generally develop favourable social attitudes towards other members of the society. Criteria of Social Adjustment


There are various criteria to judge whether a student is socially well adjusted or not. The following are the four main criteria:

(1) Over performance:

When children’s social behaviour conforms to the standards and expectations of the group they are identified with, they are socially adjusted/accepted members of the group.

(2) Adjustment to different group:


Children who can adjust reasonably well with different group of people as well as peer groups are considered socially well adjusted.

(3) Social attitudes:

Socially wee-adjusted students exhibit favourable attitudes towards people, social participation, and social group interactions.

(4) Personal satisfaction:


To be socially well-adjusted, student should be reasonably satisfied with their social relationships and the roles they play in the social system.

Difficulties in Social Adjustment

Making good social adjustment is difficult. Some difficulties in the way are as under:

1. An unhappy children results in an unhappy and maladjusted adulthood Children should be taught about factors that contribute to poor adjustment society.


2. The children with poor social behaviors at home fail to establish gab social behaviors outside their home.

3. Children having an authoritarian home climate show resentment against] in authority.

4. Those children who do not find good models to imitate in their family far themselves handicapped outside their family.

5. The children rejected by their parents or those who imitate deviate behavior of their parents develop aggressive and deviant behaviour patterns.


6. Children feeling dejected, maltreated, tested or bullied by other sibling’s lat motivation to try to make good social adjustment.

7. Lastly. Lack of necessary or proper guidance and help in making goo social adjustment, despite motivation to make it, leaves them trying little acquire proper social adjustment.

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