It all starts from the eight octaves and where it en nobody knows. Its limits are infinite as the universe its joy is like a never exploding balloon, and it’s passim has an overwhelming six billion followers around the ever shrinking globe. Even animals respond to music that’s who they say.

Music is for every occasion- from partying to Rock ‘n’ Rolla disco, from everyday life to a wedding anniversary and even to a somber funeral, everything has music embedded in it. Its magic alright- though we never reap every beat has our vocal cords vibrating, it causes adrenal to pump throughout the body and every muscle aching jump on the dance floor.

So what is music? Well in a sense every sound produced from clapping two hands to slapping a person is music; The more recognized pundits define it as an arrangement of sounds in a pleasing sequence or combination to be sung; or played on instruments.

Well who cares about music in a prolonged sense- music are something universal, something unique, and something which is soothing to our heart, our senses, which makes our nerves calm down- the effect is simply astonishing. Its like a web you have been caught in, a web of music, a web in which where ever you go you find music, music to touch your heart, to take you, in a sense, under its control.


And why not- music tames the wildest beasts- even the critics have no answer to that

Music is of many types- rock, jazz, classical raga, pop, flat, country, chamber, folk- yes folk is there too. Every community has some sort of traditional music to suit their rhythm. Then there is classical music that portrays the life’s culture and tradition, rock music that tends to shake you up, and several other types of music that are all a pure bliss to the soul.

Music has very deep roots in the history of humankind. It is as ancient as verbal language. Man produced various sounds- frightening of course- to scare off the savage beasts of the wild. He soon enough learnt that striking of stones produces sound, the gush of the falling water gives sound, animals and birds produce sound and even lightning with rainstorm produces sound.

His techniques were very primitive though, he used to produce different kinds of sounds to communicate. Then his knowledge grew and he began to organize a harsh voice into a melodious sound producing instrument. He learnt it from nature itself- from birds and all. Thus music was born.


The Dark Ages of the medieval times had come up with disoriented ideas for music. They used to associate music with witches and since witches were burnt alive out of fear, music was bound to be condemned. However, this cloud over the sunshine could not hide the sun’s brightness and when it lifted, its shine was brighter and more warming than ever before.

Music was then associated with royal blood. Several emperors and kings organised tournaments where the rising musicians of the land came to compete; the winner was honored beyond anything and he was given a lot of wealth to continue his musician’s prowess. These tournaments not only encouraged the musicians, but also helped in increasing music’s popularity around the globe.

Music is not only limited to singing and dancing. There are several musical instruments, which when played in an organised and precise manner, produce various tones and musical notes. These instruments are divided into four broad categories- woodwind, strings, brass, and percussion.

The famous musical instrument oft nineteenth century was none other than the piano. There Beethoven and Mozart, two of the greatest pianists born, still call for a lot of respect in the musical world music. Their composed symphonies and musical notes considered the greatest ever.


With the development of technology and the advent of instruments and other sophisticated devices, music supposed to reach an all time high level. However, not all. As the boundaries of the universe are expand’ the limits of music are also expanding.

It’s like whey see the sun touching the horizon and try to get as near the point where the sun touches the ground, you find further still, i.e., when we try to reach the limits of must we see that they go still further away from us.