Essay on Learning: The process of learning continues throughout life


The process of learning continues throughout life. All human being learns any kind of behaviour in thief whole life.

There is not any existence of life without the process of learning. There are various learning processes through which we acquire beliefs attitudes and skills. Here we shall discuss the principles of learning and their use in our classroom.

Principles of Learning

1. Law of effect:


When a modifiable connection between a situation and response is made and is accompanied or followed by a satisfying state of affairs, the strength of the link with that situation is increased. Here satisfying state means that students would satisfy through the learning process.

We should organize teaching learning process by such kind that students would get satisfaction. They should be involved in some kind of game or action which gives them pleasure and satisfaction. If we try to organize their learning process in which their usual movements and interest are restricted then their learning is delayed.

We can use this principle in our class too. We should organize our teaching-learning process with the actions and games in which students take part happily. They should be according to the interests, age level and needs of the students. We should organize play-way method and learning by doing method.

2. Law of intensity:


We should offer a quick reward or response on the positive behaviour of the students regarding their teaching-learning process. According to this principle the greater the reward the more it facilitates learning. On the other side the more the reward the stronger is the motivation and stronger the motivation the faster and surer is the learning.

This is called the law of intensity. We should offer reward speedily after the positive response of the students. If have gap between the response and rewards than we cannot motivate the learners effectively. The shorter the time between response and reward, the stronger is the learning.

So the teacher should understand principle and should use in his/her teaching learning process to make it more effective and armful. We should use the skills of reinforcement in it.

As we find negative response of learner then we should not give punishment to learners but should try to make correct it through affection and consideration of the reason of mistake.


3. Law of practice:

As we know that practice makes a man perfect. If a worker practices daily to complete a job then he/she can gain mastery and skillful control over it.

If the things learnt are repeated time and again they gain permanence in the learners’ memory so a teacher should use various kinds of exercise in his/her teaching learning process.

If we teach a theory or principle in our teaching learning process then we should try to organize a practice related activity in which students could apply these rules on their daily lives’ problem to solve them.


Teacher should organize necessary practices to make his teaching effective. If the learner does not make use of his learning, he forgets it due course of time.

As for example, we should make students to repeat the mathematical tables again and again or write a miss-spelled word correctly a number of times.

After teaching a structure of new sentence pattern, we should organize a test exercise containing that kind of structure and we should provide much time to students to make practice of it. By practice they can learn that structure effectively and permanently.

4. Law of readiness:


According to this law we should make our students ready first then we should organize our teaching learning process. Without a will to learn there cannot be true learning. The will to learn is, the preparedness or readiness of mind. If a student is forced to learn then we cannot organize a true or real teaching learning process.

First we should try to motivate students for learning. If a student is forced to do a thing when he is not ready to it, we cannot expect good results from him. So we as a teacher should know the needs and interests of learning and then try to motivate or make him ready for learning.

As for example before organizing a teaching learning process related an English topic we should make ready students through a recitation of Rhyme. A teacher should connect his teaching-learning process with his/her pre- knowledge and interests.

We should connect our teaching-learning process related daily lives of students. We should make students ready for learning besides forcing him for it.

In the end we can say that a teacher should understand the various principles of learning thoroughly and then try to use these principles in his teaching learning process to make learning process more effective, participative and armful.

We should use various learning principles to make students ready to learn, to motivate them for learning, to make practices of learnt matter.

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