To protect the cycle of divine life (dharma – cakra) there are four folds consciousness which man has to understand and follow. Man cannot live without a community, society or nation and without man any community; society or nation will not come into existence. All are inter-connected, inter-related and inter-dependent. Civic Consciousness.

Man in general has to live with the minimum requirement for livelihood and security for development and for this an ideal system is necessary in the community, society and and nation, and every ideal system has rules and regulations.

It is the prime duty of an individual to follow all kinds of rules and regulations of community, society and nation and then only a proper equilibrium prevails in those areas. Follow the rules and regulations by will and not by fear.

In order to follow this, inner consciusness has to wake up. This consciousness is called civic consciousnesses. Municipal rules, RTO rules, court rules, various departmental rules, State government rules, central government rules, these are some of the rules and regulations one has to follow.


Social Consciousness

Man creates society for healthy and happy living. Without a family or society man will not be able to live. There are two dimensions of the society: one is family and the other is the entire society. Society is nothing but the conglomeration of families. Family is the basic unit for prosperous and peaceful society and society is the strongest support for a rising nation. All families together form the society and such a society directly or indirectly but continuously protect the families.

Man has microscopic importance for building up the society but has a major role to hold and develop the family. It is just like a single cell of the body which is important for any organ but not of visible importance for the whole body in comparison with a single organ or a single system 6f the body. To have a healthy organism will either repair the cell or destroy it. If the body fails to repair the cell or destroy it, the cell will start damaging the organ and then the whole body.

Every man has to have concern for the family and the society in order to live a happy life for himself. It is the divine duty of a man to protect, enrich and follow the disciplines, festivals and get-together of the family and the society. The consciousness which motivates the man to feel and to follow is called social consciousness.


National Consciousness

National means collective identity for every individual the spirit of nation flowing all the time and everybody, just like a thread in a garland. In a garland we see the flowers but the thread is invisible, is not possible. Nation is invisible without its existence no one will have any identity. Our nation India has the history thousands of years. When the nation is weak, every one of us will be weak and have experienced it in the past. How did the Mughals and the British conquer o nation it was due to our national weakness.

Spiritual Consciousness

As we have seen happiness, knowledge and truth are the three facets ‘Ishwara’, the ultimate force of universe. To know this, to understand this and implement this in life is recognised as spirituality.


The efforts like different types sadguna towards spirituality raise man from his lower instinctive nature towards high dimensions of life and that allows him to be one with all. When man sees oneness everywhere, then he gets convinced that every path of sadhan of all sects ultimate Leads towards ishwara.

To generate efforts (sadhana) and then to establish it in life requires a subtle level of consciousness called the spiritual consciousness. Every individual can follow it as prescribed in one’s respective? Sect. Even one ca~ develop one’s own way for sadhana and here in this context Svami Vivekananda opines that let there be as many ways for sadhana as there are as mant number of people on his earth.