My school is not a very well known or renowned school of the town. Its name is Vishakha. Have you heard of the name? No, I’m sure not. I joined this school in the Lower Kindergarten, when I was just three and a half years old, and now, I am in the seventh standard, a child as old as twelve years.

The nine years that I have already spent in this Institution makes it my most loved second home. Can any one guess why I call my school my second home? I will tell you why, it is because this is the only other place where I get everything that I get and enjoy at home. All the love and care of the world I get in the school is just no less than what I get at home from my parents, sisters and brothers.

Here, in school the teachers are like my mother at home and my friends like my sisters and brothers. All the fun I have at home is also found in school when I play and enjoy with my friends in the premises of the school, and have programmes for outings with them. My teachers are the replacement of my mother at home every year when I get a promotion my teacher changes.

I wonder if the new teacher will give me the love of my mother, but I tell you I have found that, all, yes all the teachers are very good alternatives to my mother while I am at school. All of them are sweet, loving and caring, and I assure you that when I am at school, I just do not miss my mother as, I have a wonderful alternative.


As for my classmates and other friends are the same as my sisters and brothers at home, the same fun, the same mischief, the same teasing each other, and of course the same care for each other. Oh! The place that is my school is so much like home that, for the seven hours that I am there, I do not miss my home. Rather, I’d say, sometimes I am having so much fun in the school that I do not feel like going home and thus break the fun.

The school has a very big building, an imposing auditorium, a huge laboratory for the Science students and a vast playground. The school is as good as any other school of the town but, I do not really understand why it is not too well known like the Delhi Public School or the Modern School.

May be it is not as old, that is why the people of the town do not know about it. It has strength of, I think two thousand children and there are fifty six teachers. We also have a large number of extra curricular activities, and participate in a lot of Inter-School competitions.

My school is in no way less that than any other school and I am very happy to tell you that very often in Inter-School events we manage to bag prizes even many times from the elite schools like the Delhi Public School. We excel even in studies and upto now I do not remember a single year when we did not get a cent per cent result in the Board Examinations of the Xth, and Xllth Standards.


With these achievements in all spheres I feel that my school is a very good school. I am very proud of my School, Vishakha and, I understand that, it is the best school of the town – so what if it is not as well known as the other schools.