605 Words Essay on if I were a Billionaire


Money makes the mare go, is an old adage of permanent value and significance. In these days of money and money making having become the sole desire of mankind, I would also like to earn and hoard a lot of money, and one day, become a billionaire.

When I become a billionaire I would first of all obviously make a nice house for my family, buy the latest and most expensive car. My children would be educated in the best educational institutions and I would also keep enough provision for their higher studies and any other pursuits of their interest.

My wife, I would just load with the best of clothes and jewellery, the main desires of women. With all this being done, I think my family and I would be well secure for the present and the foreseeable future. After this, where would I spend the rest of the money? As we all know, money begets money and my money would continuously grow if properly invested.


I would next take advantage of the many bank schemes and deposit huge sums from the amount that is a few millions in long term deposits. This would thus keep on increasing by means of interest given in banks. A few millions I would deposit in a way so that I get a monthly income from it. With this monthly income, I would now start on my way of philanthropy.

Helping the weak, the poor, the old and the disabled would now be my concern. This, I would do by adopting a few old age homes, a few schools and a few health centres. All these institutions would be working with my financial help every month. The interest of my fixed deposits would be used to finance these projects, and yet, the principal amount deposited would remain intact.

This amount would continue to yield dividends and the Projects would go on. On the other hand, when my long term deposits would mature and the money realised, I would use the doubled amount for donations given, to institutions genuinely involved in social work activities.

The principal amount originally deposited would again be deposited in the bank to double up again and be used again. Thus, the cycle of doubling on the one hand, and using interest on the other, my projects of social welfare would continue to go on uninterrupted.


Thus, if I was a billionaire, I would wholeheartedly indulge in philanthropy on a large scale. My friends, colleagues and the less lucky people would all benefit from my being rich.

Besides all this, I have one ambition that of taking a world trip just once so, if was a billionaire I would try to fulfil this ambition of mine also, as this cannot be done without so much of money. I would take my family once for a trip around the world. This would give all of us an idea of what the world is and how we are different from others in this same world.

After this single trip, I would not waste any amount of money, small or big in any other merry making but, some amount would be spent every year to take my family on an annual holiday.

With all these plans in my mind, I think if I ever become a billionaire, several people would enjoy my riches – So GOD, I pray to you to really make my dream come true, and do make me a billionaire, just once -1 assure you Almighty that, I will never enjoy it all alone – I will share the pleasure with your other human beings.

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