589 Words Short Essay on Teachers


Teachers are the people who can effect the child’s eternity. The teachers are the role models for young children. They are all the time, directly and indirectly influencing their wards throughout the period in which they are in touch with the children.

As the children are the future of any country, the models these children follow should be absolutely exemplary. Teachers are a one single community of elders who can have very far reaching effects on the younger generation. To some extent, I feel that, the teachers have a somewhat broader spectrum of influence on the children, even more than the parents.

The children admire their teachers, adore them and copy them. Just for this reason, a teacher should be an adult who is a blend of all good qualities of head and heart, and of humanness.


Teachers should be apparently and obviously absolute perfect human beings to be able to inculcate in the children, a desire to copy them. For the children the teacher has to be a perfect model as perfect as no one else in the eyes of the child.

Teachers have to be very cautious in their dealings with the children for, once they find any weakness in the teacher, their view about the teacher takes a nose-dive, and it never picks up again. The teachers have to walk on the razor’s edge, to be perfect on the one hand and to be friendly also on the other. I dare say this behaviour is not easy for most of the teachers.

Teachers are not necessarily only those who teach children in a school or college or any other educational institution – teachers are all those people even from the society that we live in, who leave an impact on the minds of the children. In this way we could say that, teachers can be considered as a very large and a mixed community of all those people, men and women whom children like to follow or copy.

At times – we hear children small and big admiring an uncle or aunty from their family’s social circle. This implies that, at times, even individual elders leave an indelible impact on the children’s minds. Such elders no matter who they may be must also be included in the community of teachers, as, they have impressed their minds in some way.


Teachers are thus, all those people who participate in shaping the destiny of the upcoming generation. They have a colossal responsibility towards the society, as; it is they who really shape the country’s future and destiny. It is these teachers who mould the adults to be.

Considering this immense responsibility of teachers it can be assessed how important the role of a teacher is, and what a crucial role he/she has on the future of the country.

After having understood the mighty role teachers play in the country’s destiny, it is advisable to give this profession its due importance and weightage in the comity of subjects and professions. This, as a profession must pull the best human resource, the best talent and the most loved people.

It is however not being so, as, today this profession of teaching is considered the most useless and that is why the result is in front of us all. When there are no good ideals to follow the children are bound to follow whatever they get as models. Teaching should remain as the most noble profession as, it is doing the most noble service to the country, by shaping its future.

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