The street hawker is a very familiar figure among us moving here and there with his various types of objects of everyday utility either on his head or on a cycle or on a cart pushed by hands. He can be seen in streets, by the side of the road, near schools, fairs or abound the railway stations.

He generally cries out while going from one place to another in order to make best sale of his wares. Sometimes he keeps on ringing a bell to make people aware that he is available for their service. He deals in things of daily use, like bedsheets, towels, mosquito-nets, vegetables, fruits, ice-creams, toys and many more things.

The hawker too belongs to the very poor class of the society. He earns his livelihood by dint of hard work. He has to go on his duty in all weathers. He never cares the biting cold or searching sun. Even if it rains, he is ready for our service. If any day he sits at home, it becomes very difficult for him to support his family. He does not get monthly salary and therefore depends on daily income.

The more he invests time in selling the articles, the more he earns. Thus, his and his family’s happiness depends on how much he does work. Generally he starts in the morning and goes back to his home in the evening. In between this he does not know what rest is. He goes from door to door, street to street selling his goods.


The hawker never fixes the price of his articles. The buy and sale completely depends upon bargain. Sometimes the hawker gains more, sometimes little. But he does not bother much. His sale purpose is to sell his goods, even if there is little gain.

He is always smiling and soft-spoken. Sometimes his humble nature earns a lot. Very successfully he attracts a large gathering around him and in minutes he sells many items. These all depends upon the way in which he tackles the customers.

The street hawker serves a useful purpose. He delivers goods at our doors. Those who have a busy schedule and do not get time to go to the market find it convenient to buy from him. Sometimes even if we have enough time, we do not want to go outside due to the burning heat of the sun or the severest cold weather. The street hawkers are there at our service in such moments.

Hence, we must be cooperative with them. It has been seen that some people never value their time. They call them, orders them to display their various articles and do not purchase anything at all. What is worse, they start pointing out the short coming of their (hawkers’) things. It is in noway good.


A very popular figure among the ladies, the hawker sometimes cheats them by giving them sub-standard or second hand things. Sometimes he overcharges his new customers and what to talk of the children. They are easily cheated by the hawker.

The hawker, with his various eatable items, tempts the children and sells stale and unclean food articles to them without caring their health. We should be alert here and don’t let our children buy such things from the hawkers.

Overall, hawkers are very useful to us. They serve us with articles of our use at any time in any weather.