The word ‘Internet’ flashes many images upon the canvas of the human mind. The dominant one may be hundreds or thousands of computers and computer networks connected with each other exchanging information.

This is the hardware aspect of internet. Its application aspect is the multitude of different services interval offers, by E-mail and others. Yet another image is that of everyone doing their own thing. Through internet, any type of information can be exchanged like text, audio-video signals on data, etc. Every country has an information network through which it is connected to internet.

Internet is mostly used for Electronic mail, i.e. E-mail messages can be sent to anyone connected to internet. This also helps in development of software data base, which is the base of internet. With the development of multimedia, the interest of people in internet has increased. Through the use of internet and joining of computer, telephone and electronic techniques and development of optical fibre, it is now easy to store and exchange text, sounds and pictures. So, internet is a network of computers joined by optical fibres, through which it is possible to send messages, sounds, text and pictures with the speed of light.

Internet arrived in India on 15th August 1995. For the three years from 1995-1998, government had the monopoly providing internet services but in 1998 it allowed private ompanies to provide this service to people. Internet is most beneficiaries for businessmen, doctors, teachers and scientists.


Internet is very useful for common people. By sitting at home, a person can send letters and cards to the members of the family and friends. They can chat with the like-minded people on any particular topic. Students can get information on subjects on internet for their studies. Even they can browse through books on internet. Visiting different websites on internet is known as surfing. Nowadays, one can do anything on internet.

One can do even marketing by sitting at home. There are thousands of cyber-shops and internet which sell from flowers to even foods on net. A person can watch movies, television, listen songs and radio, etc.

Thus, internet is fast becoming a part of our daily lifestyle. In cybercafes, one can pay money and surf the net. Nowadays, internet service providers are also providing internet services through cable lines, which are faster to access. But it is the businessmen who are using the internet most and making it more popular.

The fast and economically reliable way of accessing internet has given a new direction to international business. All the business transactions and purchases that are going on the net are known as e-commerce. The biggest advantage of doing business on net is that the businessman does not have to sit for the whole time on the shop.


Internet has revolutionized every field. Its surprising growth seems to continue in the years to come because it provides great benefit and convenience to the users.