India is the second most densely populated country in the world after China. Our population is continuing to grow at a very fast rate. Progress made in the field of medical science has contributed to the decline in the death rate. But we have not been able to check the birth rate. As a result there is tremendous increase in population. This kind of growth has a direct effect or.

The development of our country it prevents the benefits of economic development from reaching all the people because development cannot keep pace with the demands of large population. It becomes hard to provide education, decent jobs and a reasonable standard of living to everyone. In such circumstances, it is essential to keep the population under control by lowering down the birth rate.

How can v/e lower down the birth rate? It is undoubtedly family planning which can do a lot in this regard. No one can deny its need for our country. It is the way by which one can plan his family and can maintain its economic standard. Soma families have better standard of living. Hence, it is important that the families must be planned. Let the people have children only by choice and not by chance.

One must not forget that it is the age of science. Science has not only provided us life-saving drugs and many other medical facilities, it had also provided the way of planning our families by developing many scientific methods. Operation, medicines and other devices can be of much help to the people in this respect. One of the devices is the loop’, which has achieved tremendous success. Contraceptives like ‘Nirodh’ are also of great help. These methods are very effective and free from injurious effects.


Our government has been very keen in this regard. It has made intensive efforts by supplying birth control devices like ‘Nirodh’ free to the people. Sterilization was encouraged through monetary incentives. Not only was this February 1976 celebrated as the family planning month in years to bring awareness among the common mass. No doubt people have been realizing the benefits of keeping small families but desirable effects are not seen all around. The reason is that people are still not much educated. Their ignorance due to lack of proper education, has doubled their problems.

There are people, especially in the rural areas, who still believe that it is the business of God to bestow as many children on them as He likes. They are so superstitious that they do not dare to interfere with the work of God. Hence, there is a need to disillusion them by giving them proper education.

People in general must be made aware of the fact that unless they shorten the size of their families, problems like scarcity of food, shelter, unemployment, etc. would remain intact. Hence, family planning must be adopted to check the Population growth.