Their studies provide them with varied knowledge, and games give them the necessary exercise to keep them physically healthy, alert and active. Games also inculcate in the children certain qualities of head and heart which they carry forward in their lives, from the games field.

There are two kinds of games, outdoor games that are played on vast fields, and indoor games that are played in the four walls of the home or classroom.

I have tried my hands on several games, both indoor and outdoor. In school I play football, volley ball, table tennis and badminton. However, in the passage of some time, after playing all these games, I have developed a special liking for badminton. By now, this game of badminton has become my favourite game.

Badminton has become my favourite game especially because it does not involve a large team. It can be managed more easily than the games with large teams in which adjustment of time becomes a problem quite often. If one player of the large team is absent from the school we cannot play.


This one snag makes me feel that, since collection of the team is a problem, that game becomes a bore instead of a pleasure. Moreover, in the process of time I have noticed to my dismay that, when large teams are involved, there also crop up jealousies, favouritism and politics in the game.

This is another reason I do not like any game that means a large team. This is because as soon as politics comes in the game the very spirit of the game is lost.

In badminton also I prefer singles to doubles. This is because, it is in singles that I really get very good exercise, and if I lose the game, I have no one to blame except myself.

This is one reason why in badminton I feel I keep on improving my game as; I just cannot blame anyone for my defeat in a game. In turn, since I blame myself, I keep on improving the game and thus can aspire to become a really good player at some stage of my career in badminton.


Once my game improves to some level, I desire to become a state level player, and then a national player. If my ambition of becoming a national level player of badminton comes true, I will bring some laurels to my school, my state and then of course to my country.

I am an ardent admirer of Mr. Prakash Padukone, and hope to reach that level in the game. I do wish I could emulate Mr. Padukone and do the game some good, and bring name to myself.