462 Words Essay on a journey by train


It was month of March. Delhi Book Fair was organised by National Book Trust at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. I and my friend decided to go on journey from Mathura to Delhi to visit the book fair. It was my first chance to go for a journey in absence of my parents. We put-our best clothes in our suit case and took up the necessary luggage. We hired a Tonga and reached the station about 7 a.m.

There was a great rush at the booking window. Passengers were standing in a long queue. After waiting for fifteen minutes, I could get tickets. After purchasing tickets we went to platform. At the platform there was great noise. Most of the passengers were standing and a few were sitting on the benches. Coolies were carrying the luggage. The hawkers were crying for sell their goods.

Boys were jumping and frisking here and there. Some were taking their breakfast. Some were taking tea at tea-stall. Some were looking at the posters.


In a short time the train arrived and passengers began to get in and get out. Luckily we got good seats in a second class compartment. Meanwhile the guard whistled and waved the green flag. The train was in slow motion for a few minutes. I saw two ladies running to catch the train. Two passengers helped them to get on. It was a risky effort but successful.

The passengers sitting in our compartment were thorough gentlemen. Some youngsters were gossiping. Few persons were reading newspaper. Others were sitting silently. Some were standing. I also took a book from my bag and began to read. But soon the outside world caught my attention. On the way, we could see many green fields, forest-trees, grazing cattle, running deer and other sights. All were very attractive.

It is really very fascinating to see all these sights from a moving train. Soon we began to play at cards. Hours now passed like moments and soon our train reached Kosi Kalan. Here was also a great rush of passengers. They were mostly daily travellers. After a short stoppage, the train started again. Then came Faridabad the journey from Faridabad to Old Delhi showed us to New Bata Nagar, Refugees colony at Faridabad, The Old Fort of Delhi,’ ‘Zoo’ and other historical buildings.

After travelling for three hours we reached Delhi Junction at about 10 o’ clock. We got down from the train. One of the porters brought our luggage and we handed our tickets to the ticket collector at the gate. We got in a taxi and it started for Grand Hotel.


The journey was very pleasant and I can never forget it. It made me bold and responsible. I was very careful and active all the time.

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