It is hard to define a computer. In fact it is like a television set cum type writer. When you ask something you type that and then the answer is provided by the computer. So we can say that the latest and greatest invention of science is computer. It is the twentieth century invention. As it is known to all that every invention of science if it is used properly and for the benefit of mankind improves the standard of life and make human being happier and more civilized. It makes their lives more comfortable and easier.

The invention of computer is not an outcome of a scientist’s one day work. In fact, it is the result of the successive efforts of several scientists for many years. Out of the long list of the scientists, Charles Babbage and Gearage Book are well known. The system of computer is based on made up intelligence. Computer is a machine in which answers to different questions are first fed into its box. These answers are thought out by human brains. Then the computer is placed for action. If we want an answer to any of questions we press the relevant button and the answer comes on the screen or typed out as we require. But the answer must be fed to computer prior to put the question by human brain. A computer will not answer a question whose answer has not already been fed to it earlier.

In this mechanical world where life has become so fast the use of computer is becoming more and more prominent. It is used to collect data and select from it an answer to our question. It can be made to provide an answer to the particular type of data that we need. A computer can do calculation and figure work on a large scale. So it is successfully being used by Banks and Railway Booking. Railway staff uses computer for reservation of seats and finding out which seats remain unreserved. Computer is widely used by more advanced countries such as U.S.A., U.S.S.R., Japan, England and France. Computer is used to fore-cast weather, traffic control and for many more jobs.

The greatest drawback of computer is that it cannot do thinking work. All the thinking has to be done by human beings and fed into it. The computer simply produces what it has been fed only. Moreover, it is being feared that if computers are used, on large scale, they will decrease the demand of human labor and thus unemployment will become uncontrollable. But this should not hamper the use of computers which is exact, impartial and very reliable.