There is no denying the fact that political democracy, as it exists in most of the capitalistic states of the world today suffers from various drawbacks. But democracy itself is not at fault. The defects, on the other hand, lie in the socio-economic system in which it is made to fit.

Political power in a class divided society tends to gravitate in the hands of the capitalists who constitute a negligible minority of total population. In the so-called political democracies of England and United States, there is virtually a dictatorship of a few capitalists. It is rightly remarked that it is the Bank of England which rules over England and American Democ­racy is styled as Dollar Democracy.

In the early periods of capitalism, democracy achieved a marvelous success. But m the 20th century, capitalism is appearing with all its ugliness. This system is responsible for gross inequalities of wealth and consequent sharp class divisions in society. It has, thus, become impossible to work democracy in its true spirit.

All agencies of propaganda like the press, the platform, educational institutions and the radio are controlled by the moneyed people and these are used in the interests of capitalistic order which is based on the exploitation of masses.


It is, therefore, essential that gross inequalities of wealth must be removed and ballot box brand of democracy must be supplemented with economic Democracy. It is then and only then possible to generate true spirit of democracy.

But this does not also mean that political democracy is a total failure. The truth seems to be that democracy contains within it the seeds of its own destruction and decay, as well as, of life and progress. Under unfavorable conditions, it may lead to despotism of mediocre majority, the negation of freedom, the free play of self-interest and the deterioration of individual and national character.

But under favorable conditions, it encourages self-reliance, initiative, and responsibility. It makes authority a trust and ensures equal consideration for all. Its strength depends upon the spiritual efforts that people put forth. It is excellence of individual character which has made Switzerland a model democracy.