The main duty of a student is to study. As long as he is in school or college a student must not think of anything else. Even Lenin, the Great Russian leader said that a student has no other duty except to study. Politics is the science of government. Only grown up and mature people can take part in politics. They can belong to political parties, and work for the welfare of their parties. No student should belong to any political party. It will divert his interest from his studies.

Gokhale, a great leader and freedom fighter was of the opinion that students should not take active part in politics. They should only be observers and watch the game of politics.

Politics is a dirty game. Politicians use any means fair or foul to get success. So students will not learn anything good from politicians. Politics is a game of convenience. Students might be exploited by unscrupulous politicians. They might be instigated to cause trouble. Then they will be punished for causing trouble and politicians will go scot-free.

Considering all this, it is much better for students to stick to their studies. They can turn to politics only when they are grown up and mature in their attitude. If students take part in politics, their studies will suffer and they might ruin their lives.