219 Words Short Essay on an Out National Bird


Our national bird is the peacock. It is a very beautiful bird. It is supposed to be the seat of Saraswati, the Goddess of Learning.

The peacock has bluish-green feathers. The feathers are smooth as velvet and of various colors. It has something like an eye on each of its feathers. It is about five feet in length; its neck is thin and graceful. On its head it has a small crest. Its legs are short, thin and black. They look quite ugly. Its eyes are small and beady.

The peacock is a vain bird. It likes to show off its beautiful tail. It spreads out its tail in the shape of a fan. It dances with its tail outspread. It is wonderful to watch the peacock dance. It is a feast for the eye. The colors are gorgeous and the movements of the peacock are light and graceful.


Unlike its appearance, which is charming, the peacock’s cry is harsh and unpleasant. No one will want to listen to its cry for a very long time. It is a pity that such a beautiful’ bird has so unpleasant a cry. But one cannot have everything.

So God must have given the peacock only a beautiful appearance. Other birds that look plain have beautiful voices, and charm us with their songs.

The peacock announces the approach of rain. It feels very happy when it rains. It dances for joy. It has added a simile to the English language. People are said to be “As proud as a peacock.”

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