My favourite actor is Ashok Kumar. He is a veteran Indian actor of the day. He began his acting career during the forties at Mumbai in Hindi films. He has acted with almost all the top artists of India in more than 500 films in main roles. His standard of acting has been uniformly superb, bringing him continuous fame and glory.

As an actor, Ashok Kumar is perhaps the most successful man in the Indian film industry. He has acted in various types of roles with skill and perfection. He was awarded the topmost prize of ‘Dada Sahib Phalke Award, for his steady outstanding performance in Indian films.

As a person, Ashok Kumar has earned a reputation of being a perfect gentleman in the film industry. His fair dealings with the people of the trade and also personal amiable nature have made him popular to the high and low in the society.

I like Ashok Kumar as a great actor of all times His famous films beginning with Bandhan, Kangan, Mahal, Pakeeza, etc. up to his latest film have survived the test of time. Ashok Kumar is a name even today that earns respect and reputation from all quarters without any dispute or difference. So Ashok Kumar is my most favourite actor.