Hockey is my favourite game. Hockey is played we eleven players on each side. There are one goal-keep two fullbacks, three halfbacks and five forwards. Hock is played on grassy fields.

The game starts with a bully-off at the centre between the centre forwards of the rival teams. Players carry off the ball and then try to pass it through the goal posts of the opposite teams. They hit the ball hard from their side to the side of the rivals. Whichever team scores more goals, wins the match.

There are two referees who conduct the match, there is foul play, and they penalize it. If the ball crosses boundary line, the game is started again.

I love to play hockey. It provides excellent exercise all parts of the body. This game develops team spirit, amuses and excites. The players feel a sensation of my heart is filled with joy when I play or watch a hoc match.