We find jugglers in different streets of a town or a village. The people enjoy their tricks. A juggler carries a bag on his shoulder. A young chap follows him. He may be his son.

A juggler carries his things and places them in a corner of a street. He earns his bread with this stock of articles. The sound of the drums attracts children and they rush out to watch the juggler’s show. The clever tricks of the juggler entertain the people very much.

A juggler starts his show with playing-card tricks and sometimes he starts his show with a little monkey. He holds a rupee coin and spins it into the air. Then he takes out his magic wand and closes his fist, with the rupee coin in and it becomes a five-rupee note. People cheer him. With a little basket, he moves around a collects small coins. The children give him money. Entertains children and other people. His feats of ski are enjoyed much by the people.