163 Words Essay on Autobiography of a Rupee


I am a coin. I am called ‘a rupee’ by everyone. Everyone wants to own me. I am made of a metal. The metal has to pass through many stages in the furnaces of a mint. On one side of me is written ‘one rupee’ and on the other side, there is the emblem of the country.

I cannot be destroyed easily. I play the role of a helper.

When salary is given to the employees, I am nee badly. I am required in every shop.


People are respected in the society if they have m plenty. Hard labour is required to own me. No one satisfy his wants without me. In the form of a metal, I a coin. In the form of a currency note, I am made paper printed on both sides. Coins of a metal and currency note have the same value.

I am a friend of the poor people. They have to very hard to own me.

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