Strike refers to an act of abstinence from work for sometime in order to protest against some injustice or exploitation. It is a joint activity of a group of persons having a common goal to achieve. Originally, it was a major instrument in the hands of the labour union for establishing their demands to the proprietor of the concern.

The labourers used to interrupt the work indefinitely until their demands were paid heed to. The causes of this strike were generally demand for a hike in the wage rate, demand for congenial working condition, demand for compensation at times of accident and many more. But with the passage of time strike has gained a broader dimension.

Nowadays strikes are no longer a workers’ prerogative. Strikes have become a universal mode of unified protest against any act at one’s prejudice. We are now familiar with a variety of strikes, namely, students’ strike, teachers’ strike, lawyers’ strike, medical practitioners’ strike, and a lot more.

Students call for strikes against unfair education policy by not attending schools and colleges. Teachers may-as a demand for raising their dearness allowances-call for strike by not taking classes. Lawyers and doctors also call for strike against various decisions and policies of the government affecting them. By staying away from work the unions try to put pressure on the authority and expect the authority to give into their demands. Many a times strikes really bring success.


Even though protesting against any unfair act is a fundamental right of a person, it must be noted that disrupting work is not a justified way of protest. It is because stoppage of work causes a real harm to the nation. The work culture of the country is tainted. Calling of strikes even to settle trivial matter is not desired at all.

The common man is the worst sufferer in such classes in the industrial sector, the labour union often calls for strikes and lock-outs. The ‘industry faces a setback in production. But worse than that, the labourers do not get cheir wages during the days of strikes. They along with their families are often shattered financially as well as emotionally. So, it can be said that strikes do disrupt the social life.