I am a wristwatch a very common item of purchase for all men, women, and children. Having a well known brand name the HMT is my biggest pride, this is because, I know these days, all humans fall for the name of the brand of any item they use, and so, I am very proud to belong to a brand which is very well known and accepted by all – the brand of HMT watches.

My appearance even is so very attractive that I feel vain to say that now; these days my shape is the one that is most popular. I am hexagon in shape, with a golden body and coloured needles. On this golden body of mine, the numbers are written in black, which make me look a piece to envy for all my brethren.

The first activity of my life that I can recollect is when, with several of my other colleagues small and big I was placed in an HMT showroom in an area called Lajpat Nagar. My birth and younger days I cannot remember but, for me, life started when I first entered the showroom.

Here, all of us friends, small and big sat together and watched the fun in the showroom. The fun consisted in the daily routine at the shop of customers coming and going some buying while others just fidgeting with some of us and leaving us and walking off.


At times we could also hear and even understand some of the conversation between the customers and our salesmen. This routine continued and days passed by, and, I for one stayed in my place for a very long time – may be even a year. Every day some of my friends would leave the showroom and I would feel lonely and even depressed staying there with less and less of company for me to enjoy.

A time came in my life when I started wondering what could be so wrong with me that, no one wanted to buy me. I felt lonely for the lack of company for one, and then was still sadder to note the disinterest people showed in me. Was I so bad, so ugly that, no one, yes no one seemed to like me? This thought made me cry within but what could any one do in the matter? Facts of life and luck had to be born this I realized and took satisfaction in this only.

Time passed by and I was losing all hope of attracting attention of any customer entering the shop. However, as man says, bad times are always followed by good times. When I was convinced that, my luck was out, finally one day, Lady Luck threw her kind eyes at me as though reluctantly only – and my life changed.

That day was the 13th of November and I still remember the wonderful feeling I had that moment. That day, in the evening sometime at about 4 p.m., an old man entered the shop and he had a small girl of about twelve years of age coming hand in hand with him. When the two of them reached my counter.


I could very distinctly overhear their conversation and was literally thrilled at the outcome of it all. After seeing about sixty of my companions, the girl selected me and lo, and behold, the choice made me feel as if on top of the world. However, there was a shock waiting for me.

When the girl had made the choice, the old man asked the salesman for my price, and when he stated that the price was RS.2500/- the old man as if got a shock. At this juncture got the jitters and my heart missed a beat.

I thought that, if the old man found the price too high, he may not take me and this would disappoint me too much as, this would then be the end of the choice. The old man once said to the girl “Arzoo, child this is too expensive and this made it certain for me that, I would not be purchased.

However, destiny was different, and the girl made it amply clear to the old man, her grandfather that, she wanted me and me only. Aha! This conviction of the child made a rush of new hope in my entire body and I began to feel alive once again.


When the girl finally succeeded in convincing the old man that I was the best to be bought the deal was struck and I was purchased by the old man and, I learnt that, I was meant to be a gift for the girl on her sixteenth birthday presented by her grandfather.

The birthday was to be celebrated the very next day and I was doubly thrilled for being a precious gift for a girl on her birthday that would mark her entry in the world of adults.

The next day when the old man gave me to her, she was absolutely thrilled and thanked him with a hug and a blast of kisses. Thus my next abode was the dressing table of the young girl. Now my routine is that, I am placed on her table at night and, in the morning the girl wears me, admires me, and looks so happy.

The pleasure I give her makes me feel as though my existence is justified and, I deserve to live in the company of my lovely young mistress the last four months of my life have been absolutely reverberating with excitement for me. Besides her happiness, I also admire the girl in all her entirety.


She has such a beautiful wrist on which she dons me, sometimes the right and, sometimes the left, I can feel the softness of her cute wrist, her lovely skin makes me feel so snug on her wrist, and, above all the affectionate touch makes me feel her love for me.

Seeing all this, my pleasure knows no bounds and I thank God for the wonderful and happy life HE has given me. My prayers are always with this young girl whose name is Arzoo and I do hope that she always does well in life, and has a very happy and prosperous life throughout.

My prayer is also to God; grant me also a healthy and happy long life with Arzoo. She is so very kind and lovely that, I would never like to part from her. Now when I am well settled in this family, I often remember my friends and colleagues wondering what sort of lives they must be spending.

Those old days of the company of my friends at the shop were good but now, I am on the top of the world enjoying this life thoroughly.