Among the three main seasons of India winter season has its own importance and beauty. It begins in November and lasts till February with the coldest months being December and January.

Winter appears like a saviour. It saves us from the scorching sun and exhausting environment of the summer followed by the filthy and muddy rainy season. This season enhances our capacity to do more and more. We never feel tired and exhausted. Rather we feel more enthusiasm, energy, taste and vigour in life.

It is a season that makes us hale and hearty as we get ample of green vegetables, colourful flowers and nutritional fruits. We bask ourselves in the bright sun. The sun which seems to troublesome during summer becomes so pleasant during winter.

The farmers too are very happy. They work in the fields in the open sun. Had there been no winter, we would have suffered a Jot at the hands of burning summer or flowing rainy water.


Thus, the winter gives us a power to perceive, tolerance to suffer and a hope to mend our ways. We can treasure a lot to bear the treacherous ways of other seasons though all the seasons Eire great in themselves for being gifts of nature, but winter is the greatest of all of them for its lively characters.

Winter days are full of activities. There is hustle and bustle everywhere. Children play various games in the pleasant sun. But the evenings are dull and boring. People get into their rooms closing all the doors and windows.

No noise from outside world is heard, traffics are hardly seen on the roads. It seems for sometime that life has become stagnant. But at the same time, sitting around the fire with all the family members and gossiping have its own charm. It is really a happy time.

Winter season brings pleasure for the rich people because they have sufficient warm clothes to put on. Even when chilly winds blow, they feel no problem. For that time they have room-heaters and blowers, etc. to keep their room warm and cosy. But for the poor people, winter is a curse. As they belong to a class of have-nots, therefore they don’t afford to buy woollen clothes in order to fight with the cold.


Sometimes when it is very cold, the very survival becomes difficult for them. They can’t cope up with biting cold in rags and as a result they die. Thus winter brings bitter and painful days for them. Hence, our poor class never welcomes this season. They like only summer, even though it is very hot.

In nutshell we can say that winter is a pleasant time for the rich but a hard one for the poor. Hence, it is both good and bad.