452 Words Essay for kids on Summer vacation


Summer vacation is the best part of the year. A student can have a couple of months entirely to himself. He is not bothered about books and examinations. He can do whatever he likes. He can go wherever he pleases. He can build his health. He can visit his relations. If he can afford, he can go to the hills.

Our school closed on 15th May and I decided to pass my summer vacation at Simla. As my parents were busy and could not accompany me, I decided to go with my friends. Big preparations were to be made before leaving Delhi. But it was worthwhile to escape the blazing heat of Delhi.

Our first headache was home-work. Shall we do it here or in Simla or not do it at all? After considering the pros and cons, we decided to distribute the whole work into seven parts and do it once a week. So we set apart one day a week for the school work.


I, along with three of my friends and their families, took the Kalka Mail for Simla. The train went very slowly. It inched its way up the high hills. It went so slow that one could get down or get in anywhere he liked. The railway track was zigzag. We could always see the track we had covered and the track that was before us. We went up and up in a whirl.

The train reached Simla in the evening. We went to our place. Day by day, we enjoyed the summer vacation to our fill. It was a great picnic for two months. It was really an enjoyable opportunity.

We did not notice the quick passing of time. We had no worry, no school work, no fear of being in time for school, no fear of the teacher’s mace, and no fear of weekly tests. We were care-free. In Simla we were so happy that after a morning or evening walk, home-coming was painful. We used to climb hills, go down in valleys, meet villagers and see many beautiful sights.

The tall trees on the hills and the whirring sound which the quickly passing air created made us love nature and forget all about the plains.


It was with a heavy heart that we had to leave Simla at the end of our vacation. The time passed so quickly that we never noticed its passage.

The first day in school after the vacation was a cheerless day. Neither the boys nor the teachers were serious about school work.

Everybody was busy relating his experience of the summer vacation. The saddest part of the vacation for our class was the loss of a boy by drawing.

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