Computers are everywhere – at home, at work and at school. Most of our daily activities either involve the use of or depend on information from a computer. Activities such as learning to read, finding a job, looking up a product or planning a trip, could involve the use of computers.

Modern age is believed to be the Age of Computers and information technology. A computer has become a symbol of modern developments. It can be described as the most brilliant and the latest child of science.

Invented by Charles Babbage initially and developed by many other scientists, this machine is more than a calculator. Eesides doing all the numerical operations, it can also store information and has immense memory. By this memory we can recall whatever information we need whenever we want.

A computer has to be ‘told’ what it must do. That instruction is known as programme. A computer can do different functions with a lightening speed. A modern, highly developed computer can predict weather, write poetry, compose music, play chess and can also teach various subjects if required. It can make reservations for the various railway or airline routes. It can operate radars and guide radars.


The Personal Computer can now keep one’s personal record as if it is one’s private secretary. It can do all these duties with lightning speed and that too without committing any mistakes. Although computers can not replace men, they can efficiently take away the repititive and boring job to keep human mind free for creative thinking. It is really a boon for the modern man.

The digital revolution is here. Technology continues to advance and computers have become an integrated part of our lives. Today communication are not limited to text one can transit voice, sounds, video and graphics with computers.