221 Words Essay for Kids on a picnic


Last Sunday our class teacher made a programme to visit the Qutab Minar. It was the best season for Delhi for picnics. The day was not warm. We decided to go there by bus.

We all gathered in the school ground. We had our lunchboxes and pocket-money with us. The school had provided us the bus for the picnic. We started for the Qutab Minar at 9 a.m. and reached there at 10.30 a.m. leaving our belongings thereon. Then we went to see the Qutab. It is a fine picnic spot of Delhi. Many men, women and children go there to enjoy the holiday. Everyone looks in a happy mood.

We spread our sheets under a tree. The Qutab Minar is situated near Mehrauli. It had seven storeys. The people go to see it and climb up. The people praise it for its height and art. Everything on earth looks very small when we see from its top. It is realy a masterpiece of art. The walls are beautifully carved.


In the afternoon we came back to the tree. We were feeling hungry. We opened our lunch boxes and ate to our heart’s fill, one-another’s lunch each other’s. There was no discrimination between all of us and we enjoyed lunch. We played there for sometime. In the evening we returned home.

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