208 Words Essay for Kids on a bus journey


Our school had closed for the Dussehra vacations in mid October. To properly utilize the vacation we decided to visit Agra. We made preparation and programme, and thereafter started for Agra. We reached the Bus Terminal by a taxi.

The bus stand was crowded with passengers. Because of vacation, everyone was returning home to celebrate the festival with their relations. There were long queues of passengers at the ticket windows. People were seen reading newspapers and magazines to pass the time. Some were talking. My Aunt bought the tickets.

The bus started at 10 a.m. The driver was a nice fellow. He looked very cheerful throughout the journey. The bus crossed the Faridabad stop. It was a crowded place. We saw the greenfields and gardens everywhere. The bus was out of the city, and the farmers were working in the fields. The small children were playing in the parks. The cattle were grazing the green grass. Everything looked moving fast.


We saw the Palval, Kosi and the land of Lord Krishna’s birthplace, Mathura on the way. The driver stopped the bus in Mathura for sometime so that passengers could take their lunch. In the evening, we reached Agra, the historical town of India. It was a memorable journey.

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