All of us know the postman very well. He is an important public servant. He is of great service to us. He wears a khaki uniform.

He delivers letters, parcels, money orders and other things. These are from our relatives and friends. We cannot think of our life without a postman.

He has to go daily to many places to deliver letters, parcels, telegrams etc. He is welcome at every door. He does not en­joy many holidays. His salary is not high.

A postman is a hard-working person. Sometimes it is very cold, or very hot, or there is heavy rain, but he delivers letters without fail.


We wait for the postman eagerly every day. He brings letters from our friends and relations. I specially wait for him on my birthday and festivals. Then he brings many greeting cards and letters of good wishes.

A postman has to cover a particular area. Either he walks or rides a bicycle. He can be seen moving from place to place and house to house. In rural area he has to cover long distances.

We must respect him because he is very useful to us. He is just like our friend. He deserves our cooperation.