A hobby is a favourable activity one pursues in one’s spare time for pleasure and recreation. Usually a hobby depends upon a person’s interest. People are busy in earning money or solving their problems.

They want to change their golden moments of their life into money. But it is the misuse of time. Almost all the people get leisure time but they do not know how to utilise it. A hobby removes the dullness of man. It refreshes the mind. People may choose gardening, stamp- collecting, photography, painting or playing games as their hobby.

My hobby is stamp-collecting. 1 was drawn to this hobby when I was just six years old. My aunt gave me an album of stamps on my birthday. I felt very thrilled to see the beautiful stamps pasted in it. Whenever I had spare time, 1 gazed at them and that gave me endless joy. I began to request everyone to send me some novel stamps.

My hobby has helped me to take great interest in history and geography. This stamp-collecting hobby refreshes my mind. It gives me joy and happiness. We make new friends. We develop good qualities. This is how I spent my recreation and leisure.