The Great Apollo Circus had pitched its huge tents at the lawns of historic Lai Quila (Red Fort) and this news cheered up all my friends. For long, we were longing to see a grand circus. We decided to visit it on the Sunday afternoon in the special show.

We were glad to occupy our seats not far away from the grand arena. Soon the bells rang and the show began.

First came the grand procession of animals and circus artists gaily dressed in their multi-coloured costumes. They were followed by a few graceful girls riding on one wheeled cycles very skilfully. Two of them rode on one wheeled cycles on tight wire rope, balancing them with amazing skill. It was a thrilling feat.

Then came a strong man balancing a long pole on his forehead, followed by jugglers, displaying their skill at throwing various articles and catching them mid way


The most amusing and enjoyable item was performed by the trapeze artists. Seeing those banging so high and performing breath-taking somersaults, etc., was really hair- raising. In the end came two motor-cyclists who rode inside a huge steel strap globe. All the items were astonishing. We came back delighted.