196 Words Short Essay on Health for kids


There is a saying, “Health is wealth.” It means that one, who has good health, is the happiest person than the rich. Because, if a rich person is sick and cannot digest what he eats, he is unhappy in life. His life becomes useless to him. But a healthy person, though poor, lives a better life. Life is no burden to him. Life has its charm for him.

When a healthy person works hard, or walks a long distance, he is not tired. He enjoys his food, and has a sound sleep at night. A rich person is envious of him.

In order to maintain a good health, a person has to take pure and simple food. He has to do some kind of exercise, or to do some sort of manual work regularly. By the movement of his limbs and body, his food gets digested easily. Digested food supplies nutrition and pure blood to his body.


Health is a matter of pride in human life. For health culture, nowadays, there are many ways. Modern gymnasium provides various kinds of exercises. Yoga practice is also very useful. Besides walking, running, swimming, etc. are also good exercises.

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