190 Words Essay for Kids on My Mother


My mother is my first teacher. She taught me first of all how to read and write both Hindi and English. She still helps me in my home task. She taught me good manners.

My mother has very fair complexion. She is tall. She worked as a teacher in a school. She wanted to devote all her care and attention to her children.

At home my mother has to do a lot of work. She looks after our every comfort. I am really proud of my mother. She loves us all so much. We are really very fortunate to have her as our mother. My elder sister helps my mother in her work as best as she can. My mother is an excellent cook. She takes good care of me, my father, sister and all other guests who come to our house.


She is a religious lady. She starts her day early in the morning with a prayer. She ends her day late at night chanting her favourite Shloka as her prayer. She visits a nearby temple regularly. We love her a lot but have no less respect for her.

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